Hearst Castle

- and San Simeon -

America's Favorite Castle

Join Virtual USk NYC today as we sketch, draw or paint as we create works of art inspired by the landscape of the legendary Hearst Castle located in the San Simeon Valley of California, a legendary estate housing a museum filled with twenty-five thousand works of art, artifacts and furnishings from around the world.

Hearst referred to his hilltop paradise as “La Cuesta Encantada” - “The Enchanted Hill” an estate encompassing 250,000 acres. By 1947, the newspaper magnet William Randolph Hearst and his architect, Julia Morgan had created an estate of 165 rooms and 127 acres of gardens, terraces, pools, walkways, and a zoo. An American castle that was destined to become one of the world’s greatest showplaces for his art collection. Hearst Castle is now a historic house museum and one of California State Park oldest state parks.

San Simeon State Park features coastal bluffs a rocky shoreline with an unobstructed view of the ocean and one of the largest populations of elephant seals. The park includes the Santa Rosa Creek Natural Preserve, the San Simeon Natural Preserve, and the Pa-nu Cultural Preserve. Santa Rosa Creek Preserve is an area which includes valuable riparian forests and coastal wetlands, that provide habitat for endangered Tidewater Goby. San Simeon Natural Preserve consists of vast wetlands, riparian areas, and several undisturbed native plant communities including unique mima mound topography. The Preserve is also the wintering site for monarch butterfly populations. Pa-nu Cultural Preserve contains the most significant archeological site dated as far back as 5,850 years ago within the San Simeon State Park. The site has significant evidence prehistoric technology, subsistence practices and social organization over the course of several centuries.

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All Virtual New York Urban Sketchers events are one session (10 am -12 pm EST) held on Saturdays. For participants wanting to challenge themselves sketching more of a particular locality or theme, you are welcome to do the EXTENSION SKETCH PROJECT below:

Hearst Castle Extension Sketch Project:
Choose of the following prompt to sketch:
  • (a)  assembly room
  • (b)  library
  • (c)  indoor swimming pool
  • (d)  cottage
*Please post your finished sketches to the USk NYC Facebook site. Be sure to add the hash tag #NUS.
Please note that while we are sponsored by USk NYC, our online event is grounded on reference images, which is a very different approach from doing the in-person, on-site urban sketch event promoted by the Urban Sketchers Manifesto.

Facilitators of Virtual NYC Urban Sketchers:
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  • Cecilia Evasco (Maricel)
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  • Michael Skelly
  • Alan Wernicke
  • Elizabeth Birkby
with the assistance of Mark Leibowitz
founder of USK NYC.

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